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Welcome to China Post Delivery Tracking site. Our service helps to track parcel from China. We support the most popular carriers, for example: China Post, USPS, Canada Post, Japan Post, Royal Mail, DHL, UPS, FedEx, and other.

China Post Tracking

    About China Post

    China Post delivers parcels and postal items in the People's Republic of China and worldwide. China Post provides postal, express mail, banking, and insurance services. The postal operator carries out many shipments from Aliexpress, Wish, GearBest, ASOS, and other online trading platforms that have been gaining popularity lately. When sending a parcel by China Post, the postal item is registered with a unique tracking number, which is formed according to the S10 standard of the Universal Postal Union, for example, XX########CN.

    China Post Registered Air Mail

    China Post Registered Air Mail is a cheap and slow delivery type by China Post. The registered tracking number consists of 13 characters, which start with the letter "R" and end with "CN" (indicating the country of origin). Delivery to the country of destination from the Republic of China takes about 2-3 weeks; sometimes, four weeks are possible. China Post Registered Air Mail can be tracked by tracking number. If you need to track a parcel from China, enter the tracking number in the input field above and click the track button.

    Unregistered China Post Mail

    Unregistered China Post Mail parcels contain a 13-character tracking number starting with the letter U and ending with "CN". Unregistered parcels are only tracked in China. After the parcel is exported from China to the country of destination, tracking it is no longer possible due to the low cost of this type of shipment. Variants are possible when the receiving country (postal service) gives information about the following of the parcel itself.

    China Post International Parcels

    China Post delivers parcels to all countries in the world. The delivery speed depends on the service you choose when sending the parcel. International services for China Post include China Post Small Packages, China Post Large Packages, and EMS (Express Mail Service) Packages. China Post Small Packages and China Post Large Packages can only be tracked if registered. Using transportation, parcels are divided into:

    • Air Parcel;
    • Surface Air Lift Parcel;
    • Surface Parcel.

    China Express Mail (EMS) is the fastest available by China Post. However, there is one main drawback: express mail is more expensive than all types of delivery by China Post.

    China Post Small Packet

    The China Post International Parcel Service delivers items weighing less than two kilograms from China to other countries. This is the cheapest shipping method compared to other carriers such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, and TNT. If the parcel weighs less than 2kg (4.4 lbs) and is less than 90cm (35 inches) in all dimensions, and the largest size is less than 60cm (24 inches), then the parcel can be considered a Small Package. Air delivery is the most popular delivery method for these types of parcels. Ground mail delivery is now practically unused due to the long delivery time. China International Registered Air Mail is now widely used in e-commerce markets such as AliExpress, Amazon, eBay, and individual customers. This delivery method is suitable for items such as small appliances, mobile phones, small parts, accessories, clothing, shoes, and other items in daily life. A small package is very cheap and can be delivered to almost anywhere in the world. It is safe and can be tracked if registered. The Tracking Number for Small Packets usually starts with "R", "P" or "V" and ends with "CN".

    About compensation for lost or damaged parcels

    In the case of a Registered Packet, you can request compensation from China Post after confirming the loss. The courier will assess the value of the item and pay compensation. The compensation is two or three times the shipping cost, but the registration fee is non-refundable. You will not receive any compensation for regular mail.

    China Post International Large Packet

    China Post provides an international service for the delivery of parcels over 2kg (Small Packet), but less than 20kg (44lbs), 30kg (66lbs) or 40kg (88lbs). It is suitable for those large packages, but not urgent to send. It can be tracked by the delivery status if the package is registered. Compared to EMS and other express shipping services, large packages are much cheaper. By analogy with the Small Package, it can be registered or ordinary. The difference is that the tracking number tracks the registered one, and the ordinary one does not. The registered price is more expensive than the ordinary. It is clear that if you order air transportation for this type of parcel, the parcel will arrive faster, but the price will be more expensive.

    China Post ePacket

    E-commerce ePacket from China Post. This type of parcel was created specifically for online stores, small parcels with the lowest delivery cost. Parcels are sent in bulk to reduce shipping costs. This type of parcel is very popular on Aliexpress.

    Average China Post Small/Large Packet Delivery Time for Countries

    • United States of America: 24 Days;
    • Canada: 28 Days;
    • Germany: 19 Days;
    • United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland: 19 Days;
    • Australia: 31 Days;
    • France: 20 Days;
    • Italy: 25 Days;
    • Japan: 13 Days;
    • Spain: 21 Days;
    • Switzerland: 24 Days.

    More info about the average delivery time in China Post Tracking

    China Post EMS

    Fast shipping is currently available in over 220 countries. With China Post Express, you can quickly deliver documents, bank accounts, letters, and parcels. You can easily track the shipping information of your parcel by the parcel tracking number. The express mail of China offers the following services.

    • Global Express;
    • Economy Express.

    The Economy Express service transports goods weighing over 45kg (44 lbs). Global Express is cheaper, but delivery takes 2-3 days longer. Shipping costs are affected by weight restrictions, the use of a customs agent, payment on delivery, or door-to-door delivery.

    Official China Post Sites to Support Contact & Track

    If you have problems with your parcel or want to know where your parcel is, you can visit official China Post sites and contact the support team.

    • China Post:
    • China Post EMS:
    • Track Parcel China Post:

    Comparison of parcel types for China Post

    China Post has several types of delivery, they differ in the speed of delivery, in size and weight, the ability to track the parcel, insurance and, most importantly, in price. Some online stores attract customers with free delivery of their goods, and if this option is used, then you can be 100% sure that the delivery will be the cheapest and will take a very long time. Each client must choose for himself what is most important to him, the speed of delivery or the price of delivery. If you need a product with a delivery guarantee and on time, then use express delivery with a guarantee of its receipt. But such delivery will be more expensive. If you bought a trinket and the timing is unimportant, then you can use the cheapest or free delivery from an online store.

    China Post FAQ

    How can I change the address of the package?

    After the parcel has been sent, the recipient's address cannot be changed. However, if you can prove that the parcel was sent to you, you can change the delivery address already in the recipient's mail. If the package is sent to an invalid address, it will be returned to the sender. In this situation, contact the sender and ask him to send it again to a new, correct address.

    Tracking status is "successfully delivered" but I have not received it, what should I do?

    Suppose you have a problem when you have not received the parcel and its statistics indicate that it has been delivered. In that case, you need to contact the nearest post office and clarify the delivery status by specifying the parcel tracking number. Check with the people closest to you if they received your package. Contact the courier who delivered your package to find out where it was delivered and who received it.

    My package has not been tracked for a long time.

    Check the spelling of the tracking number. I often confuse the number 0 with the letter O or the number 1 with the letter l. This is very important because if the tracking number is not written correctly, you cannot track the parcel.

    It is possible that your package has not yet been entered into the database and has not been registered. Wait a few days and try to track it again.

    If you were sent the wrong tracking number by mistake, contact the seller or the sender and specify the number again.

    You fell for a scammer, and a bogus tracking number was sent to you. Go to the online store urgently, open an investigation and try to get your money back through the payment system.

    I see that my package is not moving to my address.

    Perhaps the sender made a mistake with the address, contact him and clarify this situation.

    Incorrect following of the parcel may be the fault of the postal service. Contact the sender's postal service to resolve this issue.

    If you are not sure about the seller, then it is possible that the scammers gave you a tracking number for another package, so that you do not panic while they cover their tracks. In this case, you must provide full information about the seller where you bought the product and try to return the money.

    Can I track my package from China by USPS?

    If the package is registered and is sent to the United States, then you can track the package from China on the USPS website. We advise you to track parcels by the postal service of the sender and the recipient. Then, you will be able to see the complete information on how to follow the package. Our site supports tracking by two postal services (origin and destination) simultaneously.

    Which carrier delivers the package from China to my country?

    Parcels from China are delivered by local postal services. For example, if you live in the USA, the parcel is delivered by USPS, and if you live in Canada, then the Canada Post. It is possible that China Post negotiates with another local operator for delivery in your country; in that case, the last-mile carrier information is provided in the package tracking data.

    How long is my parcel kept at the post office until I pick it up?

    If you did not order delivery to the door, then you can pick up the parcel at the post office. The package will not be stored there forever. Each postal service has a storage period for the parcel; if the period has expired, the parcel is returned to the sender. Check with your local carrier to see how long the free storage period will take, or order delivery to the address at a convenient time for you.

    Where can I get China Post parcel support?

    China Post has several hotlines depending on the type of parcel. The hotline number in China is 11185, if you have an express delivery then the number is 11183. You can also contact the address No.3 Financial Street, Xicheng District, Beijing Zip Code: 100808

    • Logistics and EMS Tel: 8610 11183
    • China Post LifeTel: 8610 4008909999
    • Contact Form

    How to avoid scam when doing online shopping?

    • Do not buy a product in online stores without studying ratings from other buyers;
    • Check product prices and compare with more famous stores. If the price is too low, then the probability of fraud is very high;
    • Order delivery with a guarantee and insure the parcel in case of damage or loss;
    • When purchasing goods, use payment systems where it is possible to return money for the products in case of a problem with the package; 
    • Check the status of the parcel regularly or use the parcel manager, which notifies you about the change in the status;
    • Keep in touch with the seller while the package arrives.